Tesla Forward Collision Avoidance System Failure Investigation

Scott Hirsch Law Group PLLC is currently investigating 2018 – 2022 Tesla electric vehicles, Model X, S, Y and 3, for an alleged defect that causes Forward Collision Avoidance Assist function to fail resulting in a crash.  All Tesla vehicles are equipped with a. forward collision avoidance system which is meant to assist a driver in avoiding a frontal collision and damage to the vehicle.  The system is meant to monitor the road ahead and alert the driver of an impending frontal impact by sounding a visual and auditory alert o the instrument panel and in automatically applying the breaks to slow the vehicle down to help avoid the crash.  Reports about the defect suggest that regardless of being enabled, the system fails to engage and alert the driver and/or apply emergency breaking resulting in a frontal collision and extreme damage to the vehicle, including damage to the battery causing a total loss.  Despite heralding itself making the safest cars in the world, Tesla owners have reported failures of the frontal collision avoidance system at an alarming rate.

Has the forward collision avoidance system on your 2018 -2022 Tesla failed?

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2018-2022 Tesla Electric Vehicle Forward Collision Avoidance System Failure Questionnaire

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